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Saturday, 18 August 2012


It's back, it's back. OH MY GOD itsssssss BACK....... My blog is back :-) ............oh yea and a little show called The X Factor, that's apparently back as well :-P

Of course The X Factor is back, I've only been bouncing around waiting for it since late December 2011!!! Jees take your time guys *sarcasm alert*
The universe is back on track now, my life is again complete woooooooop, and what a first show it was.

Ok so, how are you, where did you go for hols, how's the weather? the time or place......oh, ok then. Guess I'll get back to business then, now weve established there'll be no small talk.
Before I get into my thoughts, I just want to bring you up to date, I was lucky enough to get tickets for one of the auditions in Newcastle so most of tonight was spent with me trying to spot me in the audience. I wasn't there.....bummer.
So back to the good stuff, what we all came here for (when I say all I mean me rereading this later *Hi Me*) how good was this explosive opening episode of the season? That's a rhetorical question so you don't actually need to answer it, the answer is was gobsmackingly amazing fantastically awesome, which is GAFA for short.... Hey I like that, I may reuse that in future, watch this space.
Considering this is the first week, we were very spoilt, none of this 'leave the best til last' malarkey.... Well if there was we are going to be VERY spoilt in the last week of auditions *shriek of excitement*
First up we'll discuss the not so amazing fabulous acts, starting with Louis, sorry, I mean Sheyi..... What was that, sounded like Louis Armstrong doing an impression of the cookie monster..... Very intensely weird! I'd happily never go to Nandos again if he promises never to do that in public ever again. Quote of the night, Tulisa: "you went from Camden boy to Cookie Monster in 5 Seconds"
Then we had the very angry Zoe Alexander, now come on, if you want to audition for a talent show and preach that you don't want to be compared to any one, you don't mention your a tribute act, have your hair and makeup the same as your act, and then sing their song. Unless I'm on the wrong page like but that just seems obvious to me. Regardless whether she was asked to sing a Pink song, her voice was very average, her second song was Emeli Sande, and again very average. You'll get nowhere with that attitude Zoe, not the prettiest picture to paint yourself on TV.

Now on to the FABULOUS. And weren't they just FAB-U-LOUS. First we had Jahmene Douglas, who if I'm honest I thought wasnt going to be that good. He seemed very edgy and nervous, but how wrong was I? I never thought anyone would top Johnny Robinson singing At Last, but again I was wrong, Jahmene literally blew me away, what a brilliant voice, first auditions sometimes have the wow factor so I just hope he is just as good if not better at boot camp as I really want to see him go far. 
Oooo next we had another deceiving contestant, I need to learn to be less judgemental don't I?? Curtis Curtis Curtis, his pre audition interviews about being a geek and loving the spice girls just made me think eeeeeek he's going to be bad, I'm not doing very good at being right tonight really, because he was brilliant, I loved everything about him, his geeky look, his guitar, his voice and his personality. He nailed his version of Candyman, that's the kind of audition I love!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!
Lastly we were delightfully presented with the very young and talented Ella. I really don't know what to say about Ella to ensure I give her the credit she deserves, the words WOW and JEALOUS spring to mind. To think at 16 she is THAT talented, not just vocally but lyrically. WOW. This girl is going far in life. WOW.

Generally tonight's show has been up there with the best. Brilliant talent, fabulous judges and hilarious moments. Some of which came from Mel B, how brilliantly brutal and to the point is she? She's like a female Simon Cowell but maybe even more harsh, I loved it!!! We have much more to see and I just CAN'T WAIT!!!! 

*important notice, I wrote this blog half on an iPad that crashed and the rest on my phone in a hotel with limited wifi, so needless to say its been a challenge :-) and hard to proof read, please excuse any errors but I just couldn't wait until I was home to write, I'm just too excited and needed to get on it like Wallace and Gromit (copyright #twiiterguy)
Hope you've enjoyed, much love and hugs to all. Good afternoon, good evening and good night......until next week :-D


  1. Hi, enjoyed reading your blog each week last year, judgemental, informative albeit a little biased towards your girl but we'll allow you to be, a little late realising little mix's potential, but overall enjoyable. One critical point revert back to what worked last year and leave to attempted comedic element to the likes of Stephen Saul and the likes. Your blog was 100 times better without trying to push humour across as last years writing had natural humour in it.

    Well done on returning and hope you get an invite back to the live shows this year

    1. Hi John, thanks for reading and taking time to comment. I appreciate both negative and positive comments, I'll take what youve said on board and try to impress you more next week :-) if its any consolation I prefer reviewing the same people so I can compare, in auditions it's a bit harder for me, and it was written in unusual circumstances :-) but like I say I appreciate what you've said.
      Thanks again for reading.

    2. Ps. I've just read it back for the first time and I know what you mean. I wish I'd waited and took the time at home on my computer. It comes across a bit forced.
      I think proof reading is essential :-) whoops.

  2. I may have come across negative but it wasn't ment to be very negative. More constructive critisim lol.

  3. No not at all, I agree with what you said completely. Thanks :-)