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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Still not impressed.....

I'm actually fuming, FUMING MAD! What an absolute disgrace this weekend has been! The only way to get me happy and excited again about the show this weekend would have been for Christopher to be in the bottom 2 and to be voted out tonight. So anything other than that outcome would be a traversty. Well you saw it so you know what happened! SHOCKING!

What really gets my goat (Yes I did just say that, that's how mad I am) is how each week after the sing off instead of the judges just being honest and saying well I get on better with you backstage so I'll save you, they make up some crap. Which would be fair enough BUT it's just not consistent, one week it's all about the save me performance "I have to go with what I've just seen and heard" "I have to judge you on the performance you've just gave" then the next week it's the total opposite, "I have to go with who has more potential" it just bugs the life out of me! 

There is no way on earth that Union J sang even close to how good Jade sang, she absolutely blew my mind, I just wish she had of sang that last night as it was brilliant. And if your judging on potential then Jade just upped her game, Union J totally murdered one of my favourite Pink songs, they started rubbish, the harmonies were off and then they decided to cry half way through. Listen lads your in a competition, there will be ups and downs, but here's a heads up for you.....with the lows you have to step up your game and make everyone wish they had voted for you, tonight I was watching you and I was actually wishing I had of voted more for Jade just in case it went to deadlock! 

Lets not even get me started on Christopher, my blood is boiling after just writing his name. What is his crack??? Seriously? I've just watched Xtra Factor and he totally denied arguing with Kye at Rylan's birthday even though people saw him and you could tell by Kye's reaction that it was true, are people actually scared of him or something? And he seems to think Tulisa doesn't like him because hes not urban.....oh yes because Ella and Jahmene are there rapping every week......ARGH just go home already........!

Well I'm pretty dam peeved this weekend, oooooooh I hope it improves next week or I won't be held responsible for my actions!!! Over and out!

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Bad times.....

Oh my god, what a disappointing episode, (not a word of a lie my auto correct just changed disappointing to 'dies pointly') that's not a coincidence.......
Everyone who reads my blogs knows how much I love the show, but honesty is more important to me and there's no denying that tonight was a let down across the board, 99% of the contestants were below average, they know they can do better and I hope they are disappointed in themselves. 

The judges were a bit funny too, Gary was being his usual divvy self but decided to step up his game and actually go into 'arse' territory! Silly SILLY man just lost all my respect. At the end if the day the judges are there to judge, Tulisa made a fair point and asked a fair question, Gary couldn't answer so instead retorted to childish playground comments taking it personal. It was disgraceful, unprofessional and actually it seemed quite out of character. No need. 

Given that I feel quite let down I don't even feel like I can go into the whole review as usual, so I'm not. The only person I'm going into detail about is going to be James Arthur. He's the only one tonight that made me stop and pay attention, he wowed me and turned the show around, without James I'm positive I wouldn't even have bothered writing a blog post this week. He's really started to take over everyone else in this competition, I missed Lucy and was really looking forward to what she was going to do but never mind, can't be helped.

Quick recap: Kye brought energy that we don't usually see from him, it was fun but vocally still not there. 
Union J, they were ok but I got bored.
Rylan, fun as ever but nothing different.
Ella, I love Ella, she has an amazing voice, but if your going to take THAT song, you need to smash it, the chrous needs to be explosive, and it wasn't. It was the first week I felt let down.
Chris, NO.
District 3, not good at all.
Jahmene, good voice but I went to the toilet half way through, sorry.
Jade, quite flat, nice voice but needed some attitude.

Of all the judges I think Tulisa stuck to the theme best this week, not really sure how 'let me entertain you' relates to Halloween....... I was expecting better makeup and costumes, I think Nicole was the best! Good effort.

Ok well I'm still feeling deflated so I'm going to finish this and get a stiff drink.....or maybe put my pjs on and jump into bed! I really have no clue who will go tomorrow, but I hope to god everyone ups their game next week, I need NEED to see Ella back on form, and everyone actually. I want to write 14 pages raving about how good everyone was, please let me :-)

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Oh dear, sad times!

Whoa, lots of shocking moments tonight, biggest of them all was Christopher getting through! Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! What on earth is the crack there then, and everyone was angry about Rylan getting through, seriously? At least Rylan seems like a decent bloke, not sure what it is but I get this strange feeling about Chris, I don't warm to him, I feel like he's been tricking us all along. Sorry Chris, you might be a lovely bloke, I just don't feel it at all! 

Ok I'm officially gonna jump on the Rylan wagon, well half on anyway. I do like him, he's fun, I look forward to his performance each week because I know I'm gonna smile, but it's a shame on the acts that's go home each week who also entertain me but are more talented and that's what happened tonight. I'm not a huge MK1 fan but I did like how fresh they were and how they brought something different to the show, it's a shame they've gone. However I don't blame Rylan at all, I'm pleased for him too. You can't knock him for effort.

Kye deserved to be in the bottom 2 if I'm honest, I didn't think his performance last night was all that good, he really needs to up his game, and stop repeating his audition songs, that's twice now and considering the effort MK1 put into their save me song, it didn't seem fair that Kye sang a song he had clearly perfected weeks ago. Prove to us your worth getting saved, I want to see you own the stage next week. This might be the kick up the bum he needs.

Good luck for the future MK1, genuinely sad to see you go, felt you were improving each week. 

That's all folks, nothing else to say. *yawns* Night! 

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Lets av it!

Everybody's FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE to feel good! Woo! Club classics week YEY! 
This is always a tough one to judge as most acts are out of their comfort zone, however that's one of the reasons I love it, it gives us a chance to see who is in this seriously and is willing to adapt themselves to whatever is thrown at them. And it's got to be said, a few of the acts really handled it well tonight, especially the ones I was worried about YES! That's what I was hoping for!

Lets start with the Hmmm category. 
I'm sad to say it but unfortunately Jade just failed to wow me this week. I really like her normally but this week I was just a bit bored, fair enough she had a sore throat and needed to play it safe, but she could've done a full on dance routine to make up for it haha! 
Next, sorry everyone, I saw on twitter everyone going mad for him, saying he was flawless and amazing, I just didn't connect with Jahmene this week, I do like him, it's just something I can't seem to explain. I can't get my head around the ups and downs, warbling and plain weirdness. He has talent, I just don't get it that's all.
Only 3 this week so lastly we've got Union J, to be honest I can't really judge them on their full talent as I got distracted with twitter, yes really! I needed them to make me notice them, totally agreed with Nicole, they needed to grab the key change and rock it, but they didn't. It was just bland, like a cup of tea with no biscuit, it's ok, I'll drink it but I'll probably leave half.

Next up lets go with the YAY's.
First up MK1, personally I thought they were great, it was nice to see them doing something that suited them again, that's where they shine. I know Tulisa likes the raps being personal, but I liked the mash up part. It was cool, yes I said cool, and I meant it. COOL!
Rylan......yes it's true yet again he entertained me. He sounded better and he was fab. 
District 3, FINALLY they came on as a boyband of 2012! Up until now they've been cheesy and dated, but tonight they had fun, had a dance, sang well and really grabbed my attention. Well done lads, I no longer cringe YEY!
Lastly we've got the sensation that is Ella, vocally yet again she was on top form, not sure she will ever be bad at any song, but tonight she also loosened up and had fun, it was nice to see, just wish Gary would realise that the contestants don't always have a gun held to their head, maybe Ella wanted to have a boogie, let loose, and personally I think she looked fab.

Lastly we've got the NAY category, and you probably won't be surprised, in fact you don't even really have to read this section, just jump to the next if you want :-D
Infact I think I might rename this category 'The over 28's' jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!
Yea so first up we've got Kye, again. What's happened to Kye? Last week he was actually pretty terrible so this week I was expecting him to come on and own the stages with a completely unexpected song and totally nail it, yet he came on and sang his audition song? What? Why??? But then to make it worse he didn't even sing it that good, it was better than last week but it was far from brilliant. And Gary had the nerve to say Jade played it safe! Pfff!
Last, no surprises, Christopher. I'm totally in agreement with Tulisa, I just don't get it at all, it's past cheese now,  actually I've been saying it a few weeks so technically she's agreeing with me, Thanks Tulisa :-) there's no theme week where Chris won't sound cheesy and dated. It's getting boring now.

Oooooooooo so unless your not paying attention you would've noticed I've missed out 2 people, but whyyyyyy I hear you ask? Well I'll tell you. Because I thought they were going to be in trouble this week, yet they both totally smashed it with songs that they made their own, so much so that on both performances it took me at least halfway through to try and work out what the actual song was. Now that's talent, lets all give James and Lucy a special round of applause! *claps like a seal* and it was lovely to see James looking so comfortable on stage, I think his guitar made a huge difference,the last 2 weeks he has looked lost, but tonight he was found. Bravo to both of you, more of that next week please! 

Now then, how do we think the voting is going to go......I don't like doing a prediction when there's a controversial act like Rylan in the competition. I can't make a fair decision on who I want to go home, because I like Rylan and don't want him to go so I'll be met with an angry mob if I pick anyone else. Lets just wait and see eh..... Have a lovely Sunday!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

No more Drama...

Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Rylan was voted through! Bless him! I'm pleased he got the public vote this week, that means I can relax going forward, if he doesn't go far then at least he got voted through once. Yey!

No major dramatics this week, things seemed to go quite smoothly, which is a shame haha. 

Ok if I'm honest no surprises in the bottom two, District 3 were a bit boring last night and their song was too old fashioned for them, Melanie well, we all know how I feel about Melanie the shouty queen. Before the sing off I was thinking, District 3 to go through and Melanie to go home, after the sing off I was thinking.....OW MY HEAD!! Send them both home! Blooming heck, they both kind of killed it, and not in the cool hip meaning of the word, just good old fashioned killed it. I'm not a Melanie fan but she done better last night than in the sing off, and District 3 were far too old fashioned again and sang really off. To be fair to them both, it's hard in the bottom 2 as they've just been told they might be going home, I'll let them off I suppose.

I had a feeling it would go to deadlock but I expected Tulisa and Nicole to vote opposite than what they did, and as soon as Dermot said Deadlock I knew Melanie would go, I don't mean to sound harsh here but I can't think of who would vote for her, I know the teeny bopper girls would vote District 3, but I'm just not sure who Melanie is aimed at, and it's all about support, without support you won't get anywhere in this competition. Harsh but true. 

On Xtra Factor Gary said voting comes down to vocals on the night, but I have to disagree, if that was the case then the bottom 2 would be Rylan and Kye. They were the worst vocally, but Rylan was very entertaining and Kye has quite a big fan base already. The only time vocals is the main voting reason is when there's a turning point, an act you don't normally back comes on and delivers an amazing performance that really wows you, that's when you pick up the phone. Joe and Alexandra are 2 examples of this. Just thought I'd put you straight Gazza B lol.

Club classics next week, well that's gonna be interesting, there's at least 4 people I can think of that will normally avoid club songs so I'm already looking forward to it. See you then.......

Expecting Snow in London??

Love is in the air, wish it was talent though......oooooo OUCH! I'm starting off bitchy, luckily I'm just messing, we had lots of talent tonight, well moments of talent anyway...... :-P 

Firstly I've gotta just say how much I'm enjoying Nicole this year, she's really funny and has some hilarious one liners, the panel works great together, and generally if there's a disagreement it seems to be against Gary BORElow haha. Why can't he agree when something isn't right with one of his acts? Louis admitted when he got the song wrong last week, come on Gary just join the nation and admit Chris is cheeseball Cabaret!

Anyway less of the judges, lets get on to the contestants, its even stevens across the categories tonight, 4 each so lets stop time wasting eh.....

Lets get the worst out the way.... NAY!! 
First up Jahmene, he's sweet and innocent and at times totally nails it but tonight I was just bored, the only time I perked up was when he kicked into Ain't no mountain high enough, he nailed that bit but the rest had me nodding off. Sorry Jahmene. 
Yet again my last 3 belong to Mr Barlows category, he's really not winning it this year....well not for me anyway....
Chris the cabaret king - I said it last week and I'm saying it again, it's just far too cringe cheese cabaret for me. Song choice was yet again too obvious, Gary doesn't seem to be pushing him to stand out and be different like he is with the others. However saying that I'm not sure there's anything else Chris can do really. Also I will mention YET again, where's the nerves......hmmm I feel CONNED!
Kye, now I like him, I just never seem to get his performances, I feel like I really want to love him but for some reason I can't, he fails to wow or shock me. Even this week doing a Rhianna/Dido mash up failed to shock me, maybe if he burst into the Eminem rap part of love the way you lie, I might've raised an eyebrow, but even then I felt his vocals at the start were totally off, I thought my ears had stopped working.....whoa!
Melanie - I just don't get it. AT ALL. Too loud, too shouty, too everything. 

Middle folk, I can't fully make my mind up, Hmmm.....
Lets start with Jade. What a beautiful performance, on the ears and the eyes, she looked stunning and sounded lovely too....... So why put her in the Hmmm category I hear you ask, well that's because the song totally bored my socks off, I totally forgot she was on for a second, and that's not what you need. Come on Tulisa, pick a better song so I don't forget about her :-) 
Now this is interesting because as with the Nay section, my next 3 acts are all from the same category, The Groups.
MK1 - I was pleasantly surprised with the shock factor, them coming out singing a Jackson 5 song and it actually working, BUT I completely agreed with Nicole, it wasn't them. Fair enough they took a risk and stepped out of their comfort zone, but it didn't have their full stamp on it, it was borderline cheesy pop and that's not what they are about.
District 3 - now don't get me wrong, these boys have brilliant voices, all of them, and they work well together, I just can't take them seriously. It's far too old school cheese boyband, there's far too much jaw juddering and swooning, and the one in the middle, (Micky I think) just looks far too much like a mix between Mark Owen and the Brother from Same Difference. Weird.
Union J - ok first up, the British Gas price rise doesn't happen until next month, so please can someone put the heating on in the studios, those boys really wrapped up tonight. They sang bleeding love, and it was ok, just ok.

Ok lastly the best, SAVING ALL MY LOVE FOR YOUUUUUUUUUUU..... the YAY's......
No prizes for guessing who I have in this section, either from process of elimination or you've noticed a trend appearing haha.......
Lucy Spraggan - she's fab, she's original, she's quirky, you never know what she's gonna sing and that's what I love about her. I mean come one, she sang Gold Digger....... How unpredictable was that? Stephen Mulherne said on Xtra Factor that he wishes she had of been on BGT as she probably would've won it, and I kind of agree, with BGT you show your talent and people love you for it, with XF your expected to be versatile and show what you can do in various situations, Lucy has her niche but she's certainly not afraid of the challenges thrown at her. To be fair if she done something different she'd probably be criticised for changing, like MK1. So I've just completely contradicted myself haven't I, pretty pointless conversation really, oh well, that's what I'm best at.
James - now I'm not 100% keen on watching him perform, he sometimes freaks me out with all his jerky movements and clothes pulling, sometimes it's like he's having a fight with his collar, however when that same emotion is portrayed vocally then he amazes me. Tonight that's exactly what happened, I loved the rawness of his performance, he truly felt the song meaning and tried to make us feel it. Great.
Rylan - ok stop the hating now, get over the Carolynne thing, and tell me you weren't laughing and totally getting into his performance tonight, I know I bloody was, it was great. Good for him I say, he had the works, dancing pandas, balloons, a catwalk and to top it off.... GANGNAM STYLE! Heeeeeeeeeeeey, sexy lady! It was fab, it was entertaining and I loved it. I also love the Gary banter, very funny.
Ella - I doubt there'll be a week when she isn't in the best category, she just continues to raise the bar vocally. I wasn't keen on the song, especially when it first started and I knew THAT note was coming, I got a bit nervous, but she took the challenge and nailed it. Brilliant job for a very difficult song. Bravo Ella, bravo. 


Soooooo what drama will we see tomorrow night do you reckon? Oh and can I just point out to all the people STILL mad about last weeks results shocker, lets rewind a few years to Jedward, I do believe Simon sent home the better act purely out of curiosity to see what the audience wanted, and Jedward stayed. Like I said last week, it wasn't the first time and it won't be the last. Fun times :-D 

A final reminder to Fountain Studios.....crank that heating up!! Coats, scarves, wooly hats and everything tonight - sort it out! 

Smell ya later x

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Oh to the EM GEEEEEE!!!

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, OH......MY....GOOOOOOOOOOOOD GOD!! What a night! I'm still in a state of shock!?!

First off I have to say how excited I was about the results tonight, and very nervous, as soon as that dreaded light dim and dramatic music started my belly went over, I really don't know why I get so attached - even this early on, my palms were sweaty and my heart was racing......I love it :-D 

I was soooooooooo happy when I heard Ella and Lucy were through, but I have to admit I was secretly hoping they were saving Rylan for the last 3, for the shock factor. I honestly thought it was gonna be Melanie and Chris, I have no idea why people would vote for either of them over Carolynne, she has an awesome voice. Anyway, when it was down to Rylan, Chris and Carolynne, I was wanting one of 2 things to happen, either for Rylan to get through purely just for the look on Gary's face, or for Carolynne to get through because she deserves it more than Christopher and I think the judges would have saved Rylan anyway. 
I wasn't happy with it being Rylan and Carolynne though, not at all. The sing off was very tense, Rylan was entertaining and sounded alright, Carolynne was beautiful as expected, no surprise in the actual sing off.......but then it came the turn of the judges, which should be a pretty easy job really, Carolynne or Rlyan.......Carolynne or Rylan.....seriously LOUIS I NEED AN ANSWER!!!......Carolynne or Rylan!! Jiminy Cricket, what happened with Louis tonight.

Gary and Nicole picked the obvious, and Tulisa went for the singing and picked Carolynne, now then, this is where I got confused, I actually still don't really know what happened, firstly Dermot got quite angry at Louis for just stuttering and blubbering about it being such a hard decision, yes Louis, it's a hard decision you have to make every week, you had about 10 minutes to think about it before Dermot asked you, JEES! Then he still managed to mess it up, seriously Louis you've done this for 9years, you'd think you would know the procedure by now. You need to name the act your sending home, so when asked, you don't answer with 'Carolynne, I want to save Carolynne' then when asked again who you want to send home 'Carolynne, I want to send it to deadlock' EHHHHHHH......sooooo confused and stressed out! 

Anyway, from that moment I knew it would be Carolynne going home, I don't think she connected with the audience that well. Not sure why but its clear something wasn't right or she would've got more votes. I feel sorry for Rylan though as he's going to get even more hate now, and it's not really fair. Well done on getting through Rylan, and commiserations to Carolynne, you have a lovely voice and I thought you would get further, however considering some of the competition I honestly didn't think she could win it, didn't think she'd go this early though!!

Right now I'm avoiding twitter so the mobs can calm down with the 'FIX' accusations. They'll get bored eventually. At the end of the day, even if they did want the judges to save Rylan, it went to deadlock therefore it's all down to your votes....... So guess who's really to blame.......

And on that friendly note I'll say night night! See you next week!!