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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Did you see me???

Yes guys and girls, this week the auditions were held in NEWCASTLE!!! Not that we had much talent to brag about, but we certainly proved we have a few nutters! But hey, who didn't know that anyway. 

Actually, the auditions started off in London tonight, I'm just getting carried away haha. And to be fair, London had quite a few good contestants to brag about, but hey, who thought they wouldn't LOL.

Lets get straight into the good stuff. What another FanBloodyTastic episode, dont you agree.....well it's tough if you don't coz I do and I'm the queen of this blog, so ner :-P

Ok, so who was memorable enough for me to write about... let me think, or maybe I'll just look at the notes I made, very professional you know!
Oh yes that's right, first up was a very preened Essex boy - Rylan Clark with a typical 'Totes Amaze' Essex personality. I have to admit something, before he even sang I was tweeting #ItsANoFromMe and if I'm honest I was still tweeting it after he sang. I must've been listening to something different to Tulisa Louis and Rita because I just wasn't enjoying it one bit. I wouldn't care, when he said he was singing 'Kissing you' I got very excited because I love it, but never mind, one day maybe. Also, just a heads up to Rita, generally the singing lessons come before the audition, not after!!

NEXT: Another act that didn't blow me away as much as the rest of the audience, Kye the chimney sweep. I genuinely thought he was really REALLY good, just not amazing. He had good vocals and his song writing/styling ability was pretty awesome. I agree he should have gone through, just wasn't up there with my favourites.

The last very decent artist in this segment was Lucy Spraggan from Sheffield, but i'm saving her for later *wink* 

Ok so here's the part I thought I would be looking forward to....turns out I'm not. Newcastle. OH. MY. GOD. All I can say is that us Geordies are clearly too proud to showcase our true talents, so we send in the local nutters to take our place.....yea thats my story and I'm sticking to it. Nah all seriousness, I went to the auditions and we did have quite a few good acts, so I can only assume they'll be spread out in later shows or we'll see them on Xtra least I ruddy hope so!! 

Basically if you missed it, Newcastle showed the world it's proper radgey side! Billy however was a TREAT! I genuinely liked him, not as an X Factor contestant obviously, just his whole stage presence and personality totally got me giggling, and he even admitted he was murdering his song. Legend.
Then there was Sophie, now then, Sophie was at the auditions I went to, and I can actually 100% vouch for her being absolutely insanely terrible, but what you didn't see was Tulisa actually expressing her concern for the fact her parents were encouraging her to do this. Totally agree. No wonder Nicole thought we were a TFZ (Talent Free Zone).

And then came James Arthur. Thank the LORD. Yes, that's right, NEWCASTLE HAVE TALENT! (ok he's a little South of Newcastle, but so what) Out he came with his guitar and hoody, and I had a feeling he was likely to be good as they were concentrating on his back story and it was close to finishing so I was hopeful. And I was right, he sang his own acoustic version of Tulisa's 'Young' and he done a fabulous job, really enjoyed it, very raw and deep. HOWEVER, I wasn't keen on his rapping. I think he would've done better just leaving that bit out. Overall though I thought he smashed it and I look forward to hearing more from him. Well done James, you brought the North East back to life tonight.

So then, I mentioned earlier that there was a singer from Sheffield called Lucy Spraggan, who may have been a little bit decent. Well theres a reason I saved her for last, because she was RUBBISH!!! HAHAHAHA As if. She was a total mind blower, totally my cup of tea. I just loved everything about her and I really hope she goes far, either in this competition or just in general, she really deserves it. Not only has she got an awesome, unusual sounding voice, but her song writing and guiter playing skills are just out of this world. She is extremely quirky and appears extremely down to earth. Definitely a one to look out for, and someone I think I'd back if she went to the live shows. Good Luck Lucy, hope I get to write more positive things about you in the future.

And that pretty much sums it up. Another great week, the talent is still piling in and and still only the 2nd week, I'm assuming there's lots more to come..... Oh X Factor, you really are spoiling us!!!!

Oh one last note - Download Little Mix 'Wings' tonight at midnight :-) gotta support my girlies, over and out xx

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