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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Week 3, short but sweet.

Sorry guys, this weekend I was away then wasn't feeling too great when I got back so never got a chance to get into my writing. I missed it though and will defo be back this weekend. I know, I know, hold the tears, it was as hard for me as it was for you.....

Just a quick note, I thought that fairy woman, Melanie I think her name was, was fabulous. A bit nuts but cracking lungs on her. Although my favourite of the night was Matt, the one with the guitar, he had a lovely tone and perfect pronunciation, he didn't get much airtime which I hope doesn't mean he hasn't gone far.

Joseph however, he got a good slot, and rightly so. Hellish rocker voice, I'd love to hear him tackle some proper classics.Not sure he'd do so well in Britney week, however I'm sure even some of the cheesiest pop songs could do with a bit of rock in them!

Sorry it's short but sweet this week, I'd rather it be minimal than miss a week! Can't be having that!

PS, what was that cracker jack doing singing Lady Gaga.....her poor kids looked devastated!!! Her daughter looked on the verge of disowning her. well at least she got a hug off Gary! Lucky thing!!!!

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