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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Still not impressed.....

I'm actually fuming, FUMING MAD! What an absolute disgrace this weekend has been! The only way to get me happy and excited again about the show this weekend would have been for Christopher to be in the bottom 2 and to be voted out tonight. So anything other than that outcome would be a traversty. Well you saw it so you know what happened! SHOCKING!

What really gets my goat (Yes I did just say that, that's how mad I am) is how each week after the sing off instead of the judges just being honest and saying well I get on better with you backstage so I'll save you, they make up some crap. Which would be fair enough BUT it's just not consistent, one week it's all about the save me performance "I have to go with what I've just seen and heard" "I have to judge you on the performance you've just gave" then the next week it's the total opposite, "I have to go with who has more potential" it just bugs the life out of me! 

There is no way on earth that Union J sang even close to how good Jade sang, she absolutely blew my mind, I just wish she had of sang that last night as it was brilliant. And if your judging on potential then Jade just upped her game, Union J totally murdered one of my favourite Pink songs, they started rubbish, the harmonies were off and then they decided to cry half way through. Listen lads your in a competition, there will be ups and downs, but here's a heads up for you.....with the lows you have to step up your game and make everyone wish they had voted for you, tonight I was watching you and I was actually wishing I had of voted more for Jade just in case it went to deadlock! 

Lets not even get me started on Christopher, my blood is boiling after just writing his name. What is his crack??? Seriously? I've just watched Xtra Factor and he totally denied arguing with Kye at Rylan's birthday even though people saw him and you could tell by Kye's reaction that it was true, are people actually scared of him or something? And he seems to think Tulisa doesn't like him because hes not urban.....oh yes because Ella and Jahmene are there rapping every week......ARGH just go home already........!

Well I'm pretty dam peeved this weekend, oooooooh I hope it improves next week or I won't be held responsible for my actions!!! Over and out!

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