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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Bad times.....

Oh my god, what a disappointing episode, (not a word of a lie my auto correct just changed disappointing to 'dies pointly') that's not a coincidence.......
Everyone who reads my blogs knows how much I love the show, but honesty is more important to me and there's no denying that tonight was a let down across the board, 99% of the contestants were below average, they know they can do better and I hope they are disappointed in themselves. 

The judges were a bit funny too, Gary was being his usual divvy self but decided to step up his game and actually go into 'arse' territory! Silly SILLY man just lost all my respect. At the end if the day the judges are there to judge, Tulisa made a fair point and asked a fair question, Gary couldn't answer so instead retorted to childish playground comments taking it personal. It was disgraceful, unprofessional and actually it seemed quite out of character. No need. 

Given that I feel quite let down I don't even feel like I can go into the whole review as usual, so I'm not. The only person I'm going into detail about is going to be James Arthur. He's the only one tonight that made me stop and pay attention, he wowed me and turned the show around, without James I'm positive I wouldn't even have bothered writing a blog post this week. He's really started to take over everyone else in this competition, I missed Lucy and was really looking forward to what she was going to do but never mind, can't be helped.

Quick recap: Kye brought energy that we don't usually see from him, it was fun but vocally still not there. 
Union J, they were ok but I got bored.
Rylan, fun as ever but nothing different.
Ella, I love Ella, she has an amazing voice, but if your going to take THAT song, you need to smash it, the chrous needs to be explosive, and it wasn't. It was the first week I felt let down.
Chris, NO.
District 3, not good at all.
Jahmene, good voice but I went to the toilet half way through, sorry.
Jade, quite flat, nice voice but needed some attitude.

Of all the judges I think Tulisa stuck to the theme best this week, not really sure how 'let me entertain you' relates to Halloween....... I was expecting better makeup and costumes, I think Nicole was the best! Good effort.

Ok well I'm still feeling deflated so I'm going to finish this and get a stiff drink.....or maybe put my pjs on and jump into bed! I really have no clue who will go tomorrow, but I hope to god everyone ups their game next week, I need NEED to see Ella back on form, and everyone actually. I want to write 14 pages raving about how good everyone was, please let me :-)

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