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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Awww last weekend of Auditions! Pt1

I'm a mixed bag of emotions this weekend, I'm gutted the series is going too fast and we are at the final weekend of the audition process, however I'm excited for boot camp next weekend Yey!

As well as my emotions, the contestants were a mixed bag again tonight. And if I'm perfectly honest there were only about 2 people I thought were fabulous! I think I might be a bit grumpy tonight *grumpy face*

Ok so let's do this..... Nick singing Buddy Holly, ahhhhhhh he was rubbish, and not very good at taking criticism, which makes me wonder why he even auditioned, even the best of singers get criticised for something, that's the industry. Come on Nick. Pffft!

Next up Madelaine Wilson, the girl who went to school with Tulisa.....hmmm....she can hold a note, but it was all very shouty for me. Wasn't overly keen in comparison to others in the Girls category, she can sing though. Same goes for Salena, I was left feeling a little unsure, didn't quite know what to make of it, powerful performance, but at times screechy.

Let's avoid the Bianca Gascoigne review, think she had enough for one night :-) Let's just go straight on to another good yet disappointing act, Lauren Smith. Now then, don't get me wrong here, I love nothing more than when artists come on with their own instruments (although I'm still waiting for a drummer :-P) and play their own version of a song, it makes it unique and shows their ability as an artist, not just a singer, and that is still the case with Lauren, however I just wasnt keen, I thought she had quite a good voice, but I didn't enjoy the song. there's always boot camp though....

And lastly on the 'arghhhhhhhhh' list is Jade Collins. And by 'arghhhhhhhh' I mean, I'm frustrated at how good she is yet how much she didn't stand out for me. (that's a bit of a contradiction isn't it, oh well) as with about 90% of the population, I lost interest as soon as the camera started to film her crying about her Dad, I do appreciate it's gotta be hard for her, but I just want to see her perform, I don't want to feel sorry for anyone. Everyone has a back story, I personally don't want to hear about it until maybe judges houses or live finals. Then I'll listen.

I'm really grumpy tonight, everything I'm writing is bad haha! I'm sorry guys and girls, it's just how I felt at the time, however I'm about to turn a corner, I can see light at the end of this dark tunnel.....

We all love a crazy Grandma don't we? Well Tammy had one haha, and she was CRAAAAZZYY!! But that's not who sang so lets forget about that shall we :-) Tammy, now she showed how to stand out in an audition, wow, she picked the perfect song to showcase her voice, while also getting the audience involved. She's going to be a strong contender in the Overs!

Now then, I've saved my favourite 2 from tonight til last. Firstly let's discuss Leanne, personally I thought she had a beautiful voice, nice and soft on the that sounded cheesy! But seriously, despite my grumpy mood, she seemed to thaw my icy heart tonight, really enjoyed it! And she seemed lovely as well which helps.

Lastly we've got Jade Ellis, well then this lady may as well have an album out today, wow, her voice is pretty much perfected, she has a recording voice, and one that I would listen to over and over again and still not get bored. Loved. IT.

Quote of the night has to go to Nick for his "that f@&king Tulisia spoilt it" hahaha......silly tinker.

BUT WAIT....there's more. While writing this I've just been wowed, and my mood has flipped, turned upside down, so I'd like to take a minute just sit right there (I'll tell you how I become the prince of a town called Bel-air)  OK then.

Please tell me you all turned over to Xtra Factor tonight, if not then you missed a treat! A lovely young lady called Hayley Evetts - who previously came 5th in Pop Idol, made a return to our screen, and she bloody well OWNED IT! Jimini Cricket! And I don't use those words lightly let me tell you! She was fantastic, really gave me goosebumps, I hope they show her on the main show tomorrow night as it would be a shame for anyone not to see her talent.

She was THAT good, I'm no longer grumpy...... Everyone tonight was brilliant!!!!! :-P

Same time same place tomorrow? Alright then........

**one last little note, just want to say get well soon to a regular reader of this blog, Sonia, I wish you a speedy recovery**

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