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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Part 2.....didn't disappoint!

I'm starting tonights blog with a warning message. For some reason, unbeknown to me, most of the acts tonight that everyone went crazy for......I wasn't keen on. So just a little heads up, some of you may not agree with what I have to say.....oh dear.

Got work in the morning so let's keep this short and to the point.......hmmm we'll see.

Ok so here's the first of the 'crowd seemed to like, but I didn't' contestants. Eddie String, also know as Russell Cocozza, because he had the voice and attitude of last years Frankie, but the personality of Russell Brand. If you read this blog last year you'll know my views on Frankie, so I'm not going to dwell on it too much. Basically, didn't like him as a singer, same as Eddie. He has the stage presence but lacks the rest in my opinion. Swiftly moving on....

16 year old Amy,  well she was a different league all together really wasn't she. If she is that good at 16, untrained, what on earth will she be capable of with a bit of direction and experience. Crikey. I've used this word a lot this series, but she has a lot of soul to her voice. The girls category this year is going to be interesting, but also nerve wracking because my fave so far has been Lucy Spraggan, solely due to her originality. Interesting indeed.

Ok back to the original point.....acts that didn't wow me....

Now don't get angry ok, but I have to be honest. GMD? They just didn't do anything for me at all, they sounded ok, they looked ok, they were just OK. Maybe it was the song......or maybe it wasn't, I just don't know. I'll make my final judgement at boot camp. 
MITSOTU, again, I thought they were ok, they were better than GMD, but they problem with these guys was the fact the clip was too short, I cant really comment. I think they seemed quite good. Same goes for Duke, I was sooooo interested in there audition, but just didn't have time to get into it, by the time I realised what was going on, they were finished. Both acts I'm looking forward to seeing Boot Camp. 

The opposite story for District Line. 2 young girls with guitars, lovely voices, even the shortest of clips shows them in their true glory. I only needed 2 seconds to realise I wanted to hear more. they are defo my cup of tea. Liked em a lot.

Oooooo and then came MK1, not the shop, the band.  At first glance I (quite harshly) thought, eh, what on earth is the kid in the glasses doing, let's be honest he didn't look right, however they seemed to give off a 'we're gonna be good' vibe, so I just went with it. But then he sang, oh dear, sorry Will, but there's a reason you are producer for the band. I totally agreed with Tulisa, I was getting angry at him for ruining the girls solo part. The audition as a whole was great, I loved the sound and style of them wrapping and singing, very talented. But Will just didn't fit in at all, bless him he looked gutted about it though. Respect him for standing down......not without 33% though haha, gotta keep it fair!
To be honest I don't think the dynamics or sound of the band will really change without him....

Last we seen Lorna, and a lot of her. Too much. FAR TOO MUCH. That is all I'm saying.

So next week is the last of the audition process, wowzers that's come around quick ain't it!!! My quote of the night..... Louis, when asked how old he is "Somewhere between 21 and dead" LEGEND!!!

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