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Sunday, 16 September 2012

The boys are back in town!

Awwwwwwwwwwwww the auditions are over...... EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Boot camp next week!!! And more to the point - we've officially seen our winner! What makes that even more special is that I really REALLY can't say who I think it might be, this year they've really raised the bar, the talent level is so high, in all categories - which is unusual as the groups and overs are usually the weakest however I think they are going to be extremely strong this year!

Tonight was a lot about the boys, the first half of the show was quite fast paced with plenty of action, lots of acts coming and going. A few of the better acts were.......

Adam who sang Titanium acoustically with his guitar, I really liked him, it was very Nickleback sounding, or Creed. And I like those bands, so that's a good thing, be told!
Triple J, 3 young good looking lads, all with canny good voices, they seemed to work well with each other and sounded really good together, good effort lads. I wasn't as keen on Rough Copy though, they were a bit too in my face, individually they all seemed to have good voices, but together I felt it seemed a bit all over the place, maybe it was nerves.......but I doubt it lol.
Cheeky chap Dale was good as well, think he lingered around Tulisa a little bit too long as it was a little awkward to watch but he was good overall.

After the fast paced first half, we then had a more casual 2nd half, and first up to the plate was homeless Robbie. Now then, if you read my blog last night you will know how I feel a bout sob stories......however this is different, I did actually sob! The difference here is, it's not a story, it's his life. I just can't believe someone with that kind of talent hasn't been found before now, and has been living on the streets for the past 6 years! WHAT!!! Actually to be fair, I didn't cry because of his intro, it was actually when he started to sing, he really got me, his voice told a story and it made me listen. Loved him, and I hope he is found safe and well, if he hasn't been already!

Last tonight we saw the return of Carolynne Poole, who last year got to Judges houses with Louis, but was sent home as Goldie and Kitty were clearly better than her..........yea it really is as ridiculous as it sounds!!! Well anyway she came back with fire in her belly (minus the sob story of course) and personally I thought she was fabulous, a really good old Country singer, nice and original. I loved her last year, but my only concern this year is that the 'Overs' category is extremely tough, there's a lot of competition. I feel like last year should've been her year but she was robbed, however I have my fingers crossed for her as she seems lovely and has a cracking set of lungs (yes lungs ;-P) on her.

So that's it, that's all of our contestants ready and waiting for boot camp.....cue recap of all live auditions and then montage of next week...... *shocked face* OMG it looks fab! I forgot how many good people we had from the first couple of weeks, wow. And the drama of it all at boot camp looks SO exciting, there's tears, temper and talent all rolled into one. Eeeeeeeee I'm gonna burst!!!!

If I don't see you through the week, you don't live near me. Bye for now!

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