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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Booooooooot CAMP!

Booooooooty booty boot camp, YES!! We've had a very full weekend, full of tears, full of disappointment but mainly full of OH MY GOD moments! And not necessarily in a good way every time!
As you can probably guess, I didn't bother reviewing last nights episode, too much went on, what with 1/3 going home straight away, then the battle rounds (which I like to watch but don't like judging people on) so I thought it would be best to get the judges houses acts confirmed and review them by the categories, lets not hang about then!

Lets start with the Over 28's, Mr. Barlows category. Before I say anything else, I just need to declare my frustration at the fact Hayley didn't get through, she was amazing, much better than at least 3 of the acts that actually got through! WHATEVER!!!
Ok so anyway, the acts through are Kye, Melanie, Nicola, Brad, Carolynne and Christopher. Generally the talent level in this category is quite high, usually the overs are quite disappointing but if Gary picks right, he could have a bloody strong team with him in the live shows. My top 3 (so technically my predictions) are Carolynne, Kye and Christopher. For me, these 3 are the only option, anything else would be just wrong.
I love Carolynne's style, her country sound is very original, she's just awesome. Kye has a great voice and will get the vote of the ladies, he's the perfect image and sound of a pop star. Christopher is different, he's shy, yet so powerful, he deserves his place in the finals.
As for the others, Brad I just think he's a bit old school karaoke, Melanie is far too shouty for me, and  Nicola....well Nicola I like, she has a good voice, I just prefer the other 3. I'm still just gutted Hayley didn't get through :-( sad times!

Ok let's move on to a category I wasn't left disappointed by someone not being picked....The Boys, with Nicole. Hmmmmm hang on a second, I'm sure Joseph the rocker was pretty awesome! Doh!
The acts that got through were James Arthur, Jahmene, Nathan, Adam, Jake and Rylan......*checks list again* *rubs eyes to double check* yes they definitely picked Rylan......over Jospeh. Well lets be practical and look on the bright side eh, they could've picked Eddie!!!! Lucky stars are counted! Again this category is actually quite good, the talent level this year is high, however I'm not sure the winner belongs to this category I'd need to see a bit more from the boys, but I think with a little bit of work, and the right songs we could have some competition for the girls!
My prediction for live shows would have to be, and I'm being sensible here, James Arthur, Jake and hmmmm 3rd is a toughy....I'm gonna say Jahmene. Actually no, I'm gonna pick Adam, he's different. Jahmene messed his battle round up, and personally I hated what he did to his last boot camp song, it was just him wailing like a banshee! Just because you can, doesn't mean you should, sometimes less is more!
I like James, he's got good soul to his voice and he allows himself to get lost in it, and Jake has a lovely voice too. Adam is different, I'd like to see more so I'm looking forward to next week.

Next we'll discuss the groups and Louis. This year we saw a rise in group auditions, probably due to the fact a group won last year, however a lot of them weren't really that good, so surely the judges can't get it wrong this time.....SURELY.....ok so where did Times Red go? And HOW did they pick GMD3 over Triple J?? Actually rewind that a second, how did they pick Poisonous Twins over either of those acts??? Luckily I agree with the rest though :-D MITSOTU, Duke, MK1, Poisonous Twins, Rough Copy and GMD3. Although I'm almost positive I saw Triple J on the preview clip for next weeks show, and I also read that Rough Copy couldn't make it to judges houses so that may change things, or it may be completely wrong and I might just be seeing things :-)
If I was picking the finalists I would pick MITSOTU, MK1 and Rough Copy or Triple J I like them both the same so doesn't really matter which make it to judges houses. However it's Louis picking, so it will probably be GMD3, poisonous Twins and MITSOTU (or is that giving Louis too much credit) haha no I'll stick with that!
Even though I picked MK1 in my top 3, I have to disagree with their boot camp battle performance, I thought Charlie was quite disrespectful getting up in amongst the other group, MK1 are talented, they don't need to play dirty, I lost a lot of respect for her when she done that. The other group weren't as good but you could see they were totally put off. Didn't agree with it. No need.
Anyway, I liked MITSOTU and Triple J, really enjoyed them.

Last, but certainly not least, the reigning Champion Tulisa, with the fabulous Girls! And finally I wasn't disappointed! I do think its a shame Melanie didn't get through as she was good, but I can agree with all the acts that did get through, even if personally I'm not that keen.
Ok so in the Girls corner we've got, Ella, Amy, Jade, Lucy, Leanne and Jade Ellis. YEY! And I think we have a winner here! That's if Tulisa puts them through :-)
My prediction for finals are Leanne, Ella and Lucy! Lucy was one of my faves from the beginning, she's very original, and her Tea and Toast performance was great! She'd be interesting to watch, although to be honest she's got her own thing so she would probably do fab on her own anyway. Not sure what she'd do big band week like but hey, who cares haha she would make us smile I'm sure :-)
I'm not keen on Amy, I don't know why, seriously I have no idea, just not keen at all. And Jade Ellis is just a little bit lacking for me, I do like her style, just not as much as the others.
Leanne is a dark horse, she sort of snuck in from the shadows with this huge voice and has really shone this weekend, I LIKE her! So has Jade really, I couldn't really remember her if I'm honest, but now I do :-)
And then there's Ella, well, oh my god! If she doesn't get through then I'm no longer writing this blog, and I mean it!!!!!! (ok maybe that's a bit hasty but I'll be very VERY upset) Not only does she deserve to get through, she deserves to win. A voice like that at 16, jeeeeeeeees! I hate Believe by Cher, yet I would buy that single tomorrow by Ella, so much passion and depth to her voice. LOVED IT!!!!

So there we have it guys and gals, our final 24 acts, and my predictions. Guess we'll have to wait and see what goes down at judges houses.
With any luck ill be back blogging next weekend ;-) see you then!

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