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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Judges house - Yippeeeeeee!!

Who loves Judges Houses? I love Judge Houses! Is it true? Mmmmhmmmm, I do I do I doooOOOoooo!! (Anyone remember that??..... Just me....oh ok)

Well for the record I do love Judges Houses week, it's great seeing how each judge handles their situation, they don't have the other judges to agree/argue with, this moment will mould their next 8 or so weeks, so they have to get it right.....but will they??? Lets find out eh....

Ok so lets start with Louis and The Groups in Las Vegas. Last week I predicted that Louis would put through MITSOTU, MK1 and Union J. However after seeing their performances last night, I changed my mind. I think Louis got it bang on in picking MK1, GMD3 and Union J. They really were the strongest acts in this category, yea I know the other acts were talented as well but they just weren't as good together, or they were just plain strange, yes DUKE I'm talking to you. That really was bizarre. 
The only problem I've got is that GMD3 and Union J are very similar, however I will openly admit I prefer Union J, the only reason is because Micky from GMD3 is very cheesy, he reminds me of the brother from Same Difference. There's nothing wrong with that but it's just not what I want in a Boy Band. Plus Union J - albeit are very young - seem a lot more mature as people and as a band. And MK1 are just MK1 really, nothing else to say HA! They are very NDubz like, and I like them.
Then we've got Times Red the wildcard of The Groups. I liked these but I agreed with Louis, I'm not sure the audience will vote for them, you need the vote of the young girls and that will go to Union J or GMD3, but we'll see what happens. 

Next up we'll discuss Gary and The Over 28's. Eugh. I'm so disappointed. I thought this category was a no brainer, it was so obvious the best acts were Kye, Carolynne and Christopher. Yet Gary decided I know nothing and put Melanie through instead......errrrrrrr Excuse me Mr Barlow, have you seen my credentials..... I think you'll find I don't know a thing about anything musical! Yea! Deal with it! 
Ok so despite my disappointment, I did guess 2 out of 3 and for that I'm pretty chuffed, Carolynne is just fabulous, I love her voice, and Kye is eye candy for the girls - plus he has a nice voice too of course! I'm just not keen on Melanie, she's far too shouty for me, and I'm not sure she'll get the public vote. I might be wrong, but I wont admit it so don't remember this post if it does turn out I'm wrong.
Good job he picked Christopher for the Wild Card though, or there really would've been trouble! Close shave there Mr Barlow. VERY Close! Phew!

Oooooo where next, Boys or Girls......erm, lets go BOYS! With Nicole. Ok I was waaaaaaaaaaaay off here. Wow Nicole you fairly knocked me for six, I never saw this coming, but even worse still, I never thought I would be ok with the result HA! For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about.........WHY?? Nicole put through James Arthur, Jahmene and Rylan. Yip you heard right, Rylan. And yes you heard right, I was happy with the result. 
Ok let me explain, James Arthur is great, he's never messed up, he's always been top of his game, FAB. Jahmene, hmmm I'm not that keen on his voice at times, he's good at the top notes, but some how loses me during the rest, however saying that - I do like him, I think with the right coaching he can be brilliant, he just needs a bit of direction. And then we've got Rylan, after last weekend I was rather angry that he got put through, I was annoyed Joseph went home and unfairly took that out on Rylan, so this week I left an open mind, and I'm pleased I did. He's not that bad, he done himself proud, and he's so likeable. So over the top, but in the best way possible. He will be the fun act this year, but with the ability to sing :-)
Adam is Nicole's wildcard, which makes sense, he was good, I predicted he would go to live shows, however I preferred Jake, even though he messed his songs up (to be fair he had other things on his mind, and I think he needs to just be with his family) Chin up Jake.

Lastly lets hear it for Tulisa and The Girls. *screams* This category is my favourite this year, there's just so many different styles, and I'm enjoying them all. Although I got the prediction wrong AGAIN (wow I'm crap really aren't I) I was close with 2/3, I kinda felt Leanne didn't really shine so it was the right decision not to put her through. So we've got Ella (YEY), Lucy (YEY) and Jade Ellis (Yea she's growing on me).
I said last week that I felt Jade was lacking something, last night I realised she wasn't it was just her style, and like I say I'm starting to like it. Not that I didn't in the first place, I just originally thought she wasn't the strongest in the category. 
We all know how I feel about Lucy and Ella :-D YEY!!! So pleased for them both, although they are very VERY different in what they do, they are soooo similar in how talented they are at song writing and performing. Ella has the power and soul, Lucy has the quirkyness and originality, we've definitely not seen anything like her on this show before, and it's so refreshing. Go Girls!!
I'm pleased Tulisa picked Amy as her wildcard, she seemed to want it soooo much, and she was just that little bit better than the other 2 last night. 

So that's our final 12, soon to be 13. MK1, GMD3 and Union J. Carolynne, Kye and Melanie. Rylan, Jahmene and James. Ella, Lucy and Jade. With 1 out of Times Red, Christopher, Adam or Amy. I smell some very interesting and entertaining weekends ahead of us, and I'm very excited for it!!!!
I loved the little mash up song they all did at the end, and the Gangnam Style YouTube video was hilarious, they really do look like a good line up this year, very fun!

Quote of the night has to go to Nicole after telling Jahmene he's through: "grow some balls while your there" HAHAHAHA! Classic! Good job he's a good sport :-)

That's enough for one night, I'll see you back here after our first live show of the series EEEEEEK!!!! 
Bye for now xx

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