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Sunday, 7 October 2012

1st Live Show! WOW!!

Well then, Christmas is officially almost here, I always use the X Factor Live shows as my official countdown to Christmas, and they are BACK with a BANG!! Everyone knows how much I love this show, but you all know how much I also love being honest.....that's just a heads up and a bit of a pre-warning of how this post is going to go......OH DEAR!

Firstly let me just say how happy I am to have the unpredictability factor back, and by that I mean - anything can happen. I'm always on the edge of my seat thinking that someone is going to mess up, arguments are going to start, or a camera is going to fall over. Simple things in life eh :-) but yea I love the live shows, but most of all I LOVE the return of Dermot Dancing! My Saturdays are complete!

To make it easier to read and actually easier to write, I'm bringing back the YAY, NAY and Hmmm categories. The talent this year is quite high, so you may not like some of the choices I have made. Hopefully you all agree, but I very much doubt without further ado, lets begin.

Starting in the middle, we'll discuss the 'Hmmm' acts. First up, in my review and on the show, we've got District 3. Vocally these boys were really good, we know they can sing from previous auditions, however I was quite surprised at their song tonight. I really enjoyed the first half, I thought it was different however I got bored in the second half. It was seriously lacking the big note or just a turning point. They were the best of the groups vocally though.
Which brings me nicely onto another of the groups, MK1. Again, I like them, I've said it before, although I'm not keen on the cockiness - they are different and bring something new to the show. However tonight the song let them down, it was far to fast paced for Charlie to keep up, she was out of breath and it really affected her vocals, I've heard her sing better.....and hope to next week.
Brace yourselves ok, the last couple are probably going to shock you a little bit, mainly because I actually do really like them, but I've gotta be honest.....Kye and Jahmene. Sowweeeeee.
Kye - his voice is an odd one, he started off quite bad, it was very pitchy but then he sorted himself out and it got better. However, saying that, I don't think he should have ever tried to take on a Michael Jackson song, unless the plan was to change it so it was totally unique to him. Which it wasn't.....
Jahmene - too much warble for my liking, I really REALLY enjoyed the first minute or so, I actually wrote down 'everything I disliked about him has gone' but as soon as I lifted the pen off the paper he started the warbling and weirdness! Not a fan, I think he is extremely talented and doesn't need to go all over the place to hit a note! And just for the record, there's no doubting how scared and nervous he was.

Next up.....DUM dum DuuuUUuuMmmm, the 'Nays' I'll try not to be too harsh......try.
Melanie is first up, eugh, sorry like but I just don't get the appeal. I must admit she wowed me at her first audition, but since then all I hear is shouting. Either that or my ears are broke, nothing against her just wouldn't buy her album through fear of deaf by shouting.
Another Over 28, tonight's wildcard winner, Christopher. As with Melanie, he wowed me at his first audition, but after that I kinda saw him as more of a cabaret singer, very cheesy but a big powerful voice. Tonight he played it so safe and cheesy, it was cringe-worthy. Oh also, where did the nerves go, for such a nervous wreck of a man, I was quite surprised to see how well he handled the performing part....very interesting indeed.
Lastly in the Nay category this week, I'm surprised to be saying this, but Union J were utter rubbish. The only silver lining is that Louis knew it and wasn't trying to hide the fact it was a crap song, they were all over the place and it was pretty much his fault. Although saying that, the boys need to learn to stand up and voice their concerns, surely they knew it wasn't working from the beginning. Man up lads, don't be afraid to disagree with Louis, the nation aren't :-P

That only leaves us with the 'Yays' of the night. And we have a few.....
Lets kick off with the fabulous James Arthur, now lets just be honest for a second - his rapping in his first audition wasn't the best so needless to say I was nervous about the thought of the rap returning. Thankfully I was pleasantly surprised, I enjoyed his version of 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger' he made it completely his own, and I'm sorry like Gary but if I had to guess beforehand I would never have said James would've picked a Kelly Clarkson song, not predictable in the slightest. 
Another unpredictable song choice was Carolynne's, at first when I realised what she was singing I was like 'oh dear'  but it actually worked, she messed up a little at the very start but sharp got back on track, Carolynne has a beautiful voice and tonight she proved that although she is a country singer, she can be very versatile and doesn't have to just sing Dolly, Shania and Taylor Swift songs. Very happy!
Ok prepare yourself for this one, I fear a lot of people will disagree with me good was Rylan!!! (That's a rhetorical question, so please don't bombard my comments with hate haha) personally I really enjoyed it, from the gold, to the dancing, and even the vocals weren't actually bad. He is a fun act, every year we have a fun act, and most times they can't actually sing, but Rylan can, he might not be the best vocally in the competition but he can actually sing. He got me smiling and seat shuffling, and that's what having The X Factor is about. Gary came across as a bit of a hypicrit when he was complaining that Nicole had put Rylan through over her other acts......lets just rewind 12 months when Frankie was on the show??? Yea....
My last 3 actually come from the same category, go #TeamGirls! 
Jade first, a lot of people are saying she's getting lost in the hype of Lucy and Ella, people are forgetting about her, well she did her best to put an end to that last night. And she did a beautiful job as well, still think she should sing a Gabrielle song and wear an eye patch.....ok maybe not the patch but you get my drift!
Next up one of my faves from this year Lucy Spraggan. I've voiced my concerns about her in the live shows, but to be fair, most of the contestants have their own niche, and that's just what Lucy has, her guitar and quirkiness is just her style. Carolynne is country, Rylan is fun, James is raspy/rap and MK1 are urban. The fact she came on singing her own song, that the audience can't connect to, was a risk worth taking in my view. She is such a talented writer and performer, she doesn't have the big powerful voice, but she works the song around her ability and it works well. I would buy that song.
Speaking of big powerful voices.....Ella. WOW. SHE.BLEW.MY.MIND. I do not get sick of saying this, but wow at 16 her voice is pretty much flawless. I got goosebumps everywhere, including my knees!!! WHAT!!!
One thing I had to disagree with was Louis' comment about her being the best on the show since Leona, completely disagree, in my opinion she is better than Leona. Her voice has personality, I just loved it, love love LOVED it!!

So that's it now, all 13 have performed, and one will be going home, my hopes are on Melanie or Christopher, simply because I don't think they are suited to the show and I definitely don't think they can win it, but time will tell.

The judges were on top form tonight, what with Tulisa announcing the reunion of N-Dubz, Nicole sitting in the top seat and coming out with some cracking one liners 'sometimes you need a burger with that cheese' Louis well, Louis was just his usual self, although I was shocked when he admitted he was wrong with the Union J song choice. And Gary.....he was being a little bit silly last night, given his experience with last year and Frankie, he went a bit OTT with Rylan, then when he started on James and his apparent predictable song choice yet Melanie sang The Beatles, A little Help from my friends.......hmmmm.

Lastly, I'm not quite sure what the whole One Direction part was about. It was all very random and unnecessary if I'm honest, especially in the middle of the performances, fair enough if they came on at the start, or at the end. I just can't fathom why they were there, they didn't even win their series, yes they are successful and it's thanks to the show, but it was just a bit odd. 

I'm looking forward to the results, fingers crossed we don't lose anyone fab, get voting!!!!

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