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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Week 4 part 1: The Tears

Aaaaaaand it's back, the X is back in X factor this week. I wasn't well last week so wasn't fully in the mood, but heard from others they weren't keen on last weekends show. However this weekend I refuse to hear bad words, my cheeks are aching from smiling and laughing. And I'll admit I did blub a little bit too. And I even indulged in a few exciting seal claps at the tv......don't pretend you didn't! 

Where, where WHERE do I start.... Generally the rule is to start from the beginning, but I don't like playing by the rules so I'm gonna start from the middle, mix it up. Boom...... Ok no I'm not because it will mess with my flow, but just remember, I almost did!

This weeks show started with some groups, after Little Mix winning last year, I expected to see a rise in group auditions and I was right. The only thing I was expecting was the craziness level increase in judges, of course I'm referring to Geri......crackers. Insanely crackers actually, slightly off putting at times, and right on cue I've gone off track....point proven. Anyway back to the groups, I would say most of them shown weren't really THAT good. Or at least they weren't on long enough to leave an  imprint.

HOWEVER, that changed when Times Red came on. Ok ladies you can stop drooling now.....seriously you'll ruin your computers, STOP. Very talented group of lads, at first I was a bit thrown as to why it was a band, the guitarist/lead singer was holding his own VERY well, but then it kicked in and everything made sense. They clicked very well, very good group and I think they'll go far, or at least I hope they do.

Next up we flew through a few decent enough singers, Tasha, Megan and Cian were the most memorable, my favourite of the 3 being Megan, at 16 her voice just blew me away, lovely tone. The other 2 got through but I need a second song to make a full and informed decision as I wasn't overly keen tonight. 

Ok so this was the point at which the show turned from being pretty good, to be pretty dam AWESOME.  Firstly we saw the return of Melanie from last years X factor, she made it to judges houses, and to be honest I think half of her problem last year was due to too many big personalities in the girls category, and she was just a quiet shy young girl from Dublin. Well, evidentially not anymore. She came back to prove Kelly made a mistake giving her the boot, wow, what a fab performance, she sounded better, she looked better and she had so much more confidence. So refreshing. We'll be watching you Melanie :-)

Next up we had one of those 'oh god he's gonna be rubbish' moments, well I did anyway. As soon as Jason came on the screen and was declaring his love for 'Tulisha' I thought, MAAAAN!! I should've learned from a few weeks ago with Curtis, I need to stop judging people, naughty NAUGHTY!! Anyway, he came on stage, rose in hand, telling everyone how much he loved Tulisa, and basically just came across as a little quirky, I didn't have very high hopes for him but liked him. Then he sang and I was pleasantly surprised, what a nice little voice he has. If I'm completely honest, I think it was more the shock factor that wowed everyone, rather than his voice, although he was pretty good. I really enjoyed it, but don't think he's the best out of all the others in his category. Still liked him though. Well done Jason, and you got a kiss from Tulisa! 

In typical X factor fashion, the best was saved for last. And I actually don't think I have the words in my vocabulary to finish this paragraph to the standard deserved. Christopher Maloney. Wow. I could tell by the set up and the music that he was going to be good, but just DID NOT expect him to be quite as good as he was. At 34 year old, where has he been. Seriously what a talented Man he truly is, not only did he have a fantastic voice, he sang with passion, despite almost breaking down as he was singing his Grandads funeral song. I was in tears watching him, no idea how he didn't just drop to the floor. Brilliant, just brilliant. 

I have no more words left, absolutely loved tonight's show, and I can't wait for part 2 tomorrow, this is what Sunday nights were made for!!! See you then.

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