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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Oh to the EM GEEEEEE!!!

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, OH......MY....GOOOOOOOOOOOOD GOD!! What a night! I'm still in a state of shock!?!

First off I have to say how excited I was about the results tonight, and very nervous, as soon as that dreaded light dim and dramatic music started my belly went over, I really don't know why I get so attached - even this early on, my palms were sweaty and my heart was racing......I love it :-D 

I was soooooooooo happy when I heard Ella and Lucy were through, but I have to admit I was secretly hoping they were saving Rylan for the last 3, for the shock factor. I honestly thought it was gonna be Melanie and Chris, I have no idea why people would vote for either of them over Carolynne, she has an awesome voice. Anyway, when it was down to Rylan, Chris and Carolynne, I was wanting one of 2 things to happen, either for Rylan to get through purely just for the look on Gary's face, or for Carolynne to get through because she deserves it more than Christopher and I think the judges would have saved Rylan anyway. 
I wasn't happy with it being Rylan and Carolynne though, not at all. The sing off was very tense, Rylan was entertaining and sounded alright, Carolynne was beautiful as expected, no surprise in the actual sing off.......but then it came the turn of the judges, which should be a pretty easy job really, Carolynne or Rlyan.......Carolynne or Rylan.....seriously LOUIS I NEED AN ANSWER!!!......Carolynne or Rylan!! Jiminy Cricket, what happened with Louis tonight.

Gary and Nicole picked the obvious, and Tulisa went for the singing and picked Carolynne, now then, this is where I got confused, I actually still don't really know what happened, firstly Dermot got quite angry at Louis for just stuttering and blubbering about it being such a hard decision, yes Louis, it's a hard decision you have to make every week, you had about 10 minutes to think about it before Dermot asked you, JEES! Then he still managed to mess it up, seriously Louis you've done this for 9years, you'd think you would know the procedure by now. You need to name the act your sending home, so when asked, you don't answer with 'Carolynne, I want to save Carolynne' then when asked again who you want to send home 'Carolynne, I want to send it to deadlock' EHHHHHHH......sooooo confused and stressed out! 

Anyway, from that moment I knew it would be Carolynne going home, I don't think she connected with the audience that well. Not sure why but its clear something wasn't right or she would've got more votes. I feel sorry for Rylan though as he's going to get even more hate now, and it's not really fair. Well done on getting through Rylan, and commiserations to Carolynne, you have a lovely voice and I thought you would get further, however considering some of the competition I honestly didn't think she could win it, didn't think she'd go this early though!!

Right now I'm avoiding twitter so the mobs can calm down with the 'FIX' accusations. They'll get bored eventually. At the end of the day, even if they did want the judges to save Rylan, it went to deadlock therefore it's all down to your votes....... So guess who's really to blame.......

And on that friendly note I'll say night night! See you next week!! 


  1. As far as I saw, Louis said "I want to save Caroline" and then when Dermot said 'sending Rylan home' and Dermot asked him to confirm he bottled it and went to deadlock. It was not his finest hour, he made the choice he should have stuck to it. There was a facebook group up to get Rylan off the contest before he was even in the final stages on our screens so it's nothing new that he is unpopular.

    Deadlock does allow the public to decide but you have to ask yourself why the judges are even there if they choose that option to avoid making a choice themselves. That's why they earn the money they do. It's a TV show after all and nowhere is that more evident than when issues like this come along. Great TV versus ability.

    You are correct that it was public votes that saved Rylan and we are to 'blame' therefore, but it wouldn't be on our shoulders had the judge had the nuts to stick to his choice....

    Louis is essentially that guy in school that steals the milk money and puts it in someone elses bag, just passing the blame.

    So guess who's really to blame for making the public the ones to blame...

    The Barlow was not happy.

    1. I completely know where your coming from, however you can't say 'why are the judges there' if they send it to dead lock, at the end of the day if everyone always wants the judges to decide then why bother having a public vote. The judges don't have any say in the last few weeks anyway, and they have no input in who wins.
      Yea Gary stormed off, but did you see how quickly he came back, and he seemed happy enough on Xtra Factor. Its all part of the game, Dermot has ALWAYS demanded they say exactly who they want to send home, Louis said 'Carolynne, I want to save Carolynne' and like you say when asked to clarify he wanted to send Rylan home he said Carolynne. You could tell by Dermots face he had no idea what was happening.
      Every year there is a controversial 'fun' act, Rylan is this years, the only thing that's different to previous years is that he can actually sing - albeit not great. He's never gonna win it and neither was Carolynne, so to be honest it's just a spark that has everyone talking but doesn't change the end result really.