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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Oh dear, sad times!

Whoa, lots of shocking moments tonight, biggest of them all was Christopher getting through! Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! What on earth is the crack there then, and everyone was angry about Rylan getting through, seriously? At least Rylan seems like a decent bloke, not sure what it is but I get this strange feeling about Chris, I don't warm to him, I feel like he's been tricking us all along. Sorry Chris, you might be a lovely bloke, I just don't feel it at all! 

Ok I'm officially gonna jump on the Rylan wagon, well half on anyway. I do like him, he's fun, I look forward to his performance each week because I know I'm gonna smile, but it's a shame on the acts that's go home each week who also entertain me but are more talented and that's what happened tonight. I'm not a huge MK1 fan but I did like how fresh they were and how they brought something different to the show, it's a shame they've gone. However I don't blame Rylan at all, I'm pleased for him too. You can't knock him for effort.

Kye deserved to be in the bottom 2 if I'm honest, I didn't think his performance last night was all that good, he really needs to up his game, and stop repeating his audition songs, that's twice now and considering the effort MK1 put into their save me song, it didn't seem fair that Kye sang a song he had clearly perfected weeks ago. Prove to us your worth getting saved, I want to see you own the stage next week. This might be the kick up the bum he needs.

Good luck for the future MK1, genuinely sad to see you go, felt you were improving each week. 

That's all folks, nothing else to say. *yawns* Night! 

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