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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Expecting Snow in London??

Love is in the air, wish it was talent though......oooooo OUCH! I'm starting off bitchy, luckily I'm just messing, we had lots of talent tonight, well moments of talent anyway...... :-P 

Firstly I've gotta just say how much I'm enjoying Nicole this year, she's really funny and has some hilarious one liners, the panel works great together, and generally if there's a disagreement it seems to be against Gary BORElow haha. Why can't he agree when something isn't right with one of his acts? Louis admitted when he got the song wrong last week, come on Gary just join the nation and admit Chris is cheeseball Cabaret!

Anyway less of the judges, lets get on to the contestants, its even stevens across the categories tonight, 4 each so lets stop time wasting eh.....

Lets get the worst out the way.... NAY!! 
First up Jahmene, he's sweet and innocent and at times totally nails it but tonight I was just bored, the only time I perked up was when he kicked into Ain't no mountain high enough, he nailed that bit but the rest had me nodding off. Sorry Jahmene. 
Yet again my last 3 belong to Mr Barlows category, he's really not winning it this year....well not for me anyway....
Chris the cabaret king - I said it last week and I'm saying it again, it's just far too cringe cheese cabaret for me. Song choice was yet again too obvious, Gary doesn't seem to be pushing him to stand out and be different like he is with the others. However saying that I'm not sure there's anything else Chris can do really. Also I will mention YET again, where's the nerves......hmmm I feel CONNED!
Kye, now I like him, I just never seem to get his performances, I feel like I really want to love him but for some reason I can't, he fails to wow or shock me. Even this week doing a Rhianna/Dido mash up failed to shock me, maybe if he burst into the Eminem rap part of love the way you lie, I might've raised an eyebrow, but even then I felt his vocals at the start were totally off, I thought my ears had stopped working.....whoa!
Melanie - I just don't get it. AT ALL. Too loud, too shouty, too everything. 

Middle folk, I can't fully make my mind up, Hmmm.....
Lets start with Jade. What a beautiful performance, on the ears and the eyes, she looked stunning and sounded lovely too....... So why put her in the Hmmm category I hear you ask, well that's because the song totally bored my socks off, I totally forgot she was on for a second, and that's not what you need. Come on Tulisa, pick a better song so I don't forget about her :-) 
Now this is interesting because as with the Nay section, my next 3 acts are all from the same category, The Groups.
MK1 - I was pleasantly surprised with the shock factor, them coming out singing a Jackson 5 song and it actually working, BUT I completely agreed with Nicole, it wasn't them. Fair enough they took a risk and stepped out of their comfort zone, but it didn't have their full stamp on it, it was borderline cheesy pop and that's not what they are about.
District 3 - now don't get me wrong, these boys have brilliant voices, all of them, and they work well together, I just can't take them seriously. It's far too old school cheese boyband, there's far too much jaw juddering and swooning, and the one in the middle, (Micky I think) just looks far too much like a mix between Mark Owen and the Brother from Same Difference. Weird.
Union J - ok first up, the British Gas price rise doesn't happen until next month, so please can someone put the heating on in the studios, those boys really wrapped up tonight. They sang bleeding love, and it was ok, just ok.

Ok lastly the best, SAVING ALL MY LOVE FOR YOUUUUUUUUUUU..... the YAY's......
No prizes for guessing who I have in this section, either from process of elimination or you've noticed a trend appearing haha.......
Lucy Spraggan - she's fab, she's original, she's quirky, you never know what she's gonna sing and that's what I love about her. I mean come one, she sang Gold Digger....... How unpredictable was that? Stephen Mulherne said on Xtra Factor that he wishes she had of been on BGT as she probably would've won it, and I kind of agree, with BGT you show your talent and people love you for it, with XF your expected to be versatile and show what you can do in various situations, Lucy has her niche but she's certainly not afraid of the challenges thrown at her. To be fair if she done something different she'd probably be criticised for changing, like MK1. So I've just completely contradicted myself haven't I, pretty pointless conversation really, oh well, that's what I'm best at.
James - now I'm not 100% keen on watching him perform, he sometimes freaks me out with all his jerky movements and clothes pulling, sometimes it's like he's having a fight with his collar, however when that same emotion is portrayed vocally then he amazes me. Tonight that's exactly what happened, I loved the rawness of his performance, he truly felt the song meaning and tried to make us feel it. Great.
Rylan - ok stop the hating now, get over the Carolynne thing, and tell me you weren't laughing and totally getting into his performance tonight, I know I bloody was, it was great. Good for him I say, he had the works, dancing pandas, balloons, a catwalk and to top it off.... GANGNAM STYLE! Heeeeeeeeeeeey, sexy lady! It was fab, it was entertaining and I loved it. I also love the Gary banter, very funny.
Ella - I doubt there'll be a week when she isn't in the best category, she just continues to raise the bar vocally. I wasn't keen on the song, especially when it first started and I knew THAT note was coming, I got a bit nervous, but she took the challenge and nailed it. Brilliant job for a very difficult song. Bravo Ella, bravo. 


Soooooo what drama will we see tomorrow night do you reckon? Oh and can I just point out to all the people STILL mad about last weeks results shocker, lets rewind a few years to Jedward, I do believe Simon sent home the better act purely out of curiosity to see what the audience wanted, and Jedward stayed. Like I said last week, it wasn't the first time and it won't be the last. Fun times :-D 

A final reminder to Fountain Studios.....crank that heating up!! Coats, scarves, wooly hats and everything tonight - sort it out! 

Smell ya later x

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