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Sunday, 14 October 2012

No more Drama...

Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Rylan was voted through! Bless him! I'm pleased he got the public vote this week, that means I can relax going forward, if he doesn't go far then at least he got voted through once. Yey!

No major dramatics this week, things seemed to go quite smoothly, which is a shame haha. 

Ok if I'm honest no surprises in the bottom two, District 3 were a bit boring last night and their song was too old fashioned for them, Melanie well, we all know how I feel about Melanie the shouty queen. Before the sing off I was thinking, District 3 to go through and Melanie to go home, after the sing off I was thinking.....OW MY HEAD!! Send them both home! Blooming heck, they both kind of killed it, and not in the cool hip meaning of the word, just good old fashioned killed it. I'm not a Melanie fan but she done better last night than in the sing off, and District 3 were far too old fashioned again and sang really off. To be fair to them both, it's hard in the bottom 2 as they've just been told they might be going home, I'll let them off I suppose.

I had a feeling it would go to deadlock but I expected Tulisa and Nicole to vote opposite than what they did, and as soon as Dermot said Deadlock I knew Melanie would go, I don't mean to sound harsh here but I can't think of who would vote for her, I know the teeny bopper girls would vote District 3, but I'm just not sure who Melanie is aimed at, and it's all about support, without support you won't get anywhere in this competition. Harsh but true. 

On Xtra Factor Gary said voting comes down to vocals on the night, but I have to disagree, if that was the case then the bottom 2 would be Rylan and Kye. They were the worst vocally, but Rylan was very entertaining and Kye has quite a big fan base already. The only time vocals is the main voting reason is when there's a turning point, an act you don't normally back comes on and delivers an amazing performance that really wows you, that's when you pick up the phone. Joe and Alexandra are 2 examples of this. Just thought I'd put you straight Gazza B lol.

Club classics next week, well that's gonna be interesting, there's at least 4 people I can think of that will normally avoid club songs so I'm already looking forward to it. See you then.......

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  1. It's another Oldie, maybe the Public are trying to tell X Factor something. Ollie Muirs was the best one from that group historically and he wouldnt even be in that group this year.

    Maybe the Barlow can turn it around like he does his chair.

    Also... previous night Tulisa said something about people loving and hating some acts but there quality is entertaining regardless even if they are not the best singer.

    People don't buy CDs of artists that can't sing and merely entertain... (pause for irony) it makes for a one hit wonder but is not great for a career. As you said, these people will not win but they shouldnt be kept in at the cost of someone who may just get to the final at least.