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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Lets av it!

Everybody's FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE to feel good! Woo! Club classics week YEY! 
This is always a tough one to judge as most acts are out of their comfort zone, however that's one of the reasons I love it, it gives us a chance to see who is in this seriously and is willing to adapt themselves to whatever is thrown at them. And it's got to be said, a few of the acts really handled it well tonight, especially the ones I was worried about YES! That's what I was hoping for!

Lets start with the Hmmm category. 
I'm sad to say it but unfortunately Jade just failed to wow me this week. I really like her normally but this week I was just a bit bored, fair enough she had a sore throat and needed to play it safe, but she could've done a full on dance routine to make up for it haha! 
Next, sorry everyone, I saw on twitter everyone going mad for him, saying he was flawless and amazing, I just didn't connect with Jahmene this week, I do like him, it's just something I can't seem to explain. I can't get my head around the ups and downs, warbling and plain weirdness. He has talent, I just don't get it that's all.
Only 3 this week so lastly we've got Union J, to be honest I can't really judge them on their full talent as I got distracted with twitter, yes really! I needed them to make me notice them, totally agreed with Nicole, they needed to grab the key change and rock it, but they didn't. It was just bland, like a cup of tea with no biscuit, it's ok, I'll drink it but I'll probably leave half.

Next up lets go with the YAY's.
First up MK1, personally I thought they were great, it was nice to see them doing something that suited them again, that's where they shine. I know Tulisa likes the raps being personal, but I liked the mash up part. It was cool, yes I said cool, and I meant it. COOL!
Rylan......yes it's true yet again he entertained me. He sounded better and he was fab. 
District 3, FINALLY they came on as a boyband of 2012! Up until now they've been cheesy and dated, but tonight they had fun, had a dance, sang well and really grabbed my attention. Well done lads, I no longer cringe YEY!
Lastly we've got the sensation that is Ella, vocally yet again she was on top form, not sure she will ever be bad at any song, but tonight she also loosened up and had fun, it was nice to see, just wish Gary would realise that the contestants don't always have a gun held to their head, maybe Ella wanted to have a boogie, let loose, and personally I think she looked fab.

Lastly we've got the NAY category, and you probably won't be surprised, in fact you don't even really have to read this section, just jump to the next if you want :-D
Infact I think I might rename this category 'The over 28's' jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!
Yea so first up we've got Kye, again. What's happened to Kye? Last week he was actually pretty terrible so this week I was expecting him to come on and own the stages with a completely unexpected song and totally nail it, yet he came on and sang his audition song? What? Why??? But then to make it worse he didn't even sing it that good, it was better than last week but it was far from brilliant. And Gary had the nerve to say Jade played it safe! Pfff!
Last, no surprises, Christopher. I'm totally in agreement with Tulisa, I just don't get it at all, it's past cheese now,  actually I've been saying it a few weeks so technically she's agreeing with me, Thanks Tulisa :-) there's no theme week where Chris won't sound cheesy and dated. It's getting boring now.

Oooooooooo so unless your not paying attention you would've noticed I've missed out 2 people, but whyyyyyy I hear you ask? Well I'll tell you. Because I thought they were going to be in trouble this week, yet they both totally smashed it with songs that they made their own, so much so that on both performances it took me at least halfway through to try and work out what the actual song was. Now that's talent, lets all give James and Lucy a special round of applause! *claps like a seal* and it was lovely to see James looking so comfortable on stage, I think his guitar made a huge difference,the last 2 weeks he has looked lost, but tonight he was found. Bravo to both of you, more of that next week please! 

Now then, how do we think the voting is going to go......I don't like doing a prediction when there's a controversial act like Rylan in the competition. I can't make a fair decision on who I want to go home, because I like Rylan and don't want him to go so I'll be met with an angry mob if I pick anyone else. Lets just wait and see eh..... Have a lovely Sunday!

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